Weddings and All The Pretty

Photo Credit: Shawna Fredericks

Weddings and All The Pretty Things

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What do we do and how do we do it?
  • On-site services – we will travel anywhere from DC to the Outer Banks, the Eastern Shore and everywhere in between!
  • In-house services – you can come to us
  • Hair and makeup for small or large groups – No matter the size of your party, we’ve got you covered
  • Experienced stylists, knowledgeable and proficient in all hair types and skin tones and textures (We also are proficient in temporary / semi-permanent extensions and wig placement)
  • Hair and makeup trials – Let us help you perfect your vision
  • We offer a wide range of product lines, including gluten free and vegan
  • Traditional and airbrush foundation options (we have foundation for all ages and skin types)
  • Master Estheticians to help with skin care and weight loss goals with CryoSkin (non-invasive fat reduction via cryotherapy)
  • Master Barber for all the grooms and groomsmen touch ups prior to the wedding
  • Stress-free booking and communication – we promise that this is one part of your wedding you will NOT stress about. Your happiness and comfort are what are important to us.
  • Meticulous Sanitation/Covid Precautions – We run through a few precautionary questions with each client, ensuring those we come in contact with are healthy.  All the while keeping a separate batch of brushes per client, barbarcide in every kit to sanitize hair brushes before every client, a fully vaccinated staff and masks on hand based on comfort level.

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Photo Shoots and Prep

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