“People needed a place to cultivate their confidence. A salon that’s good for the soul, to encourage inner beauty and a sense of self worth that the world seems to undermine.” – Liz Darling


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I didn’t grow up playing with my mom’s makeup. I never paid much attention to my hair in high school. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I was drawn to art based, creative outlets — culinary, photography, writing — but none of them were truly satisfying.  It finally occurred to me that I was working with the wrong medium.  I needed people and a chance to relish the thing I’d misplaced for years: Confidence. The opportunity to open a salon fell into my lap… aggressively. I simply could not turn it down.  I knew there was an unaddressed demand for more than just a salon, more than just a place to get your makeup done, but a place of passion and talent, and above all; warmth.  People needed a place to cultivate their confidence. A salon that’s good for the soul, to encourage inner beauty and a sense of self worth that the world seems to undermine. I knew (without really knowing) that I could fulfill that need. So I took the proverbial leap of faith and decided to figure it out on the way down.  It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion coalesce.  Even more so when you’re blissfully unaware until you wake up one day completely in love with what you do, and who you’ve become because of it.

Owning and running this company has taught me more than I had ever thought possible. I’ve learned from and worked with some of the top names in the industry: From David Tutera, Dina Ousley, and John Paul DeJoria, just to name a few. I’ve even been fortunate enough to have my work featured in Vogue, the Louve, and on a billboard in Times Square. These are perks to an already fantastic dream come true. These ultimate lessons in confidence, however, originate from my clients. Initially, I intended to help people discover their beauty, to use hair and makeup as tools to handcraft confidence… but in doing so, every client I’ve had the privilege to know has become a part of me and has repaid their experience tremendously. I would not be who I am today without those who continued to support me, my company, and my passion.

-Liz Darling, Founder

Meet our In-House Confidence Builders

The ones that are ready to make you feel as fancy as you already are.

Liz Darling

Life is hard enough – be cool. Love, and stuff.

Beca McKay


Hey! My name is Beca.

I’ve been a hair stylist since 2010. I’m a Virgo so I like things to be just right and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. Dry texture cutting with a razor and accentuating with dimensional, super flattering hair color are some of my favorite things to do behind the chair.

I also love drinking coffee with my cat, Carrie, painting and drawing, going on adventures, and watching spooky movies. 

Amber Dillon


Hi! I’m Amber.

I’ve been with Darling & Dapper since 2014 and absolutely love the amazing culture that’s been created here. When a client sits in my chair I want them to feel comfortable, special, and heard.

I pride myself in always taking the extra time for detail & balance with my work, while also keeping it realistic to the client’s lifestyle.

Travel & experiencing new people & places are at the top of my list in life.

Oh, and my animals are my sweet angels, so talking about your fur babies is always a must with me.

Yesica Metcalf

Hello! My name is Yesica. I am native to sunny San Diego, California. I have been in VB 2 years now and Darling and Dapper has been my home away from home. I love versatility and I am not afraid to achieve what’s best for our guests. What I love most about being in the beauty industry (est 2006) is meeting everybody in this wonderful community.  Meeting new people and hearing everyone’s stories and no matter what someone is going through seeing them leave happy and feeling better about themselves is truly inspiring to me as a cosmetologist.

Mila Mann


I’m a 5’3″ burst of joy and an apprentice at Darling & Dapper. I have a creative mind that runs around like crazy and I’m very excited to express it. I’ll play with your hair and listen to your problems allll day. I dabble a little bit in makeup and my next big goal is to learn the different methods of extensions, but for now i’m soaking up all that good knowledge from my amazing mentor Liz. I love to get out of the house on off days. Music festivals are my favorite, but my days are usually much more casual, cooking a good meal and watching a thriller. You’ll always feel comfortable in my chair, and my goal is to make you feel amazing before you leave, every time. Come be my friend!

Taylor Matthews

I’ve been a hair stylist for 6 years now and I love my job, especially my guests! I specialize in custom blonding. From strong contrast to beachy blondes, I love creating the illusion that the sun is always hitting the right spots of the hair!  I am also certified in advanced coloring with Eufora Color. If being blonde isn’t your thing, we can also customize the perfect color for you!

It is my goal to listen and understand what your hair goals are, and help you achieve them! (While keeping the integrity of your hair, of course!)
I love that I’ve created a safe space for my guests to feel welcome and at home in my chair, and I’m always accepting new guests if this sounds like something you’d be into!

William Pfeiffer

Hey everyone! My name is William. I moved to Virginia Beach from the Eastern Shore and am a proud alumni of Rudy & Kelly Academy. I’ve worked behind the chair full time for 5 years now, although my passion for hair started when I was very young. My specialty is blonding & lived in color. When I’m not creating magic behind the chair, I enjoy riding my horse, hanging with family or making memories with friends! I look forward to this new opportunity with Darling & Dapper & look forward to meeting all of you! Get the know me on Instagram @hairbywilliamp

Vanessa Fegyo

Hello!!! My name is Vanessa. I am 36 year old with the milage of a ’57 Chevy. I’m a solo parent to an amazing teenage female linebacker (no pun there). I’m a proud military goldstar wife. When I’m not behind the chair, you can find me taxiing my kid around and traveling as often as possible with my amazing BF! I have been a licensed cosmotologist since 2018 and I LOVE all things hair! I love all things people!