“People needed a place to cultivate their confidence. A salon that’s good for the soul, to encourage inner beauty and a sense of self worth that the world seems to undermine.” – Liz Darling


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I didn’t grow up playing with my mom’s makeup. I never paid much attention to my hair in high school. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I was drawn to art based, creative outlets — culinary, photography, writing — but none of them were truly satisfying.  It finally occurred to me that I was working with the wrong medium.  I needed people and a chance to relish the thing I’d misplaced for years: Confidence. The opportunity to open a salon fell into my lap… aggressively. I simply could not turn it down.  I knew there was an unaddressed demand for more than just a salon, more than just a place to get your makeup done, but a place of passion and talent, and above all; warmth.  People needed a place to cultivate their confidence. A salon that’s good for the soul, to encourage inner beauty and a sense of self worth that the world seems to undermine. I knew (without really knowing) that I could fulfill that need. So I took the proverbial leap of faith and decided to figure it out on the way down.  It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion coalesce.  Even more so when you’re blissfully unaware until you wake up one day completely in love with what you do, and who you’ve become because of it.

Owning and running this company has taught me more than I had ever thought possible. I’ve learned from and worked with some of the top names in the industry: From David Tutera, Dina Ousley, and John Paul DeJoria, just to name a few. I’ve even been fortunate enough to have my work featured in Vogue, the Louve, and on a billboard in Times Square. These are perks to an already fantastic dream come true. These ultimate lessons in confidence, however, originate from my clients. Initially, I intended to help people discover their beauty, to use hair and makeup as tools to handcraft confidence… but in doing so, every client I’ve had the privilege to know has become a part of me and has repaid their experience tremendously. I would not be who I am today without those who continued to support me, my company, and my passion.

-Liz Darling, Founder

Meet our In-House Confidence Builders

Taylor Shira

Hiii!  My name is Taylor!

Going into cosmetology school, I knew for a fact that bridal hair and makeup were going to be my focus.  Even today, as much as I love cutting, coloring, and other everyday salon services, my heart gets most excited for special event styling.  What an honor it is to be able to create that kind of magic for someone on such a huge day.  I’m a ~not so slight~ perfectionist, and I believe we have a responsibility to our brides and clients to listen, envision, empathize and create.  I’ve been told I have a sparkling personality, so you can rest assured I will be your biggest hype girl!  Boho and lived-in vibes are my favorites, but I love everything from “no makeup” makeup, to extraaa extra.  My main goal is to make you feel like your absolute best self, no matter what it takes to get there. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!  *throws confetti*

Josè Quiroz

Meet Josè!  A multicultural visionary with Latin flair, who believes all hair is beautiful, and not just defined by race.  Hair does not have to divide us or keep anyone out of the salon because of fear or trepidation.  He prides himself in creating a safe space for all humans, all textures of hair, and everyone who wants to feel fantastic.  We are stoked to have him on our team — he specializes in fashion colors, blonding, all textures, and Japanese scalp massage.

Tina Glass

Hi, my name is Tina! I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist, based out of the Virginia Beach area. My love for cosmetology began when I did pageants, film work, and musical theater growing up. I specialize in cuts, color, fashion colors, blonding, fairy hair, & special occasion updos & makeup. Can’t wait to have you here with us! 

Trin Fennell

Hey! I’m Trin- my pronouns are they/she, and Im your local, quirky, 23 year old formal styling junkie! At 17 I started my journey at Rudy and Kelly Academy in my hometown VB. Since, my love for hair and makeup, as well as my passion for people, has grown TENFOLD.  I define my specialty as naturally occurring, free spirited styling – elevating the beauty you already possess!  I happy dance after every reveal! Come say hi!  

Michelle Dippo

Hairstylist with an art degree. I have such a passion for hair and art. I love to make people see the beauty in themselves and enhance what your momma gave you. I’ve been doing hair for almost 10 years and have experience with all colors, textures, and haircuts. I do love a good fashion color but I’m also a sucker for a fantastic barbering cut. I worked at a barber shop for a year and love being able to upgrade my beard services. I pride myself on being realistic for all my clients and helping them achieve their goals while maintaining healthy hair. I am an LGBTQ+ safe space and love being able to help you see your true self when you look in the mirror. Whether it be blonding services, fashion colors, color corrections, grey blending, or just a haircut, I will make sure you feel like a rockstar. 

Ann Espriella

HI! My name is Ann! I am currently in the apprenticeship program at Darling and Dapper. I love creating art through makeup and hairstyling. My goal is to make sure that anyone who sits in my chair feels comfortable, beautiful, and as special as they truly are! When I’m not doing hair or makeup you will see me chasing around my three-year-old daughter, traveling with my family, or perfecting my craft and technique.

Sarah Cowell

Hi!  Im Sarah, and I am the makeup educator at Darling and Dapper.

I promise to never manipulate your face or my work.  

I will never use Face Tune or any other dishonest tool, commonly used in the industry.  Ever.  You are enough.  I want you to see yourself unfiltered.

I love sparkle, drama, smokey eyes, but… they are accessories, NOT masks.

I will fight the beauty standards which say every fine line must be finer; every roll or pore must be smaller; every curve must look bought.  I love enhancing but it has to be true.

Alessandra DelFreo

Hey ya’ll! My name is Alessandra. I’ve been an esthetician for 9 years and a massage therapist for 8. I’ve worked in so many different settings from Chiropractic to a medical spa. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but the Marine Corps brought me here to The Beach. I love the time I spend in the treatment room with my clients, helping them feel better and bringing out their natural beauty. 

When I am not working, I love spending time with my fiancé Matt, our 3 children Braylon, Vincent, and Makenna, and our 2 crazy dogs Chance and Indie. In my free time, you can find me with my nose buried in a book at the beach or on my SUP, planning my wedding, or trying to keep my plants alive. I’m so excited to be joining Liz and the Darling & Dapper team and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Elizabeth Darling

Every day I’m surrounded by inspiration and greatness – and I’m so lucky to have a team around me that supports all of my crazy ideas.  Cultivating this tiny vision into what it is today is wild, and it never would have been possible without Jeramie, my staff, or all of the clients who continue to support us.  Thank you for loving us!

Meet our on site Wedding Team

Markia Robinson

Hi!  I’m Markia — I have been in the wedding industry for years and decided to help people even more by going to nursing school.  I still love to pamper brides and clients in between clinical rounds and being a mom to my hilarious daughter.

Anna Koons

I’m born and raised here in Hampton Roads. I lived in Norfolk until I moved to Vb in 2020. These days I spend most of my time home with my kids who are 12, 8, 2, and 1, so if anyone wants to come over with coffee that would be great! I love traveling, and fishing with my husband although I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like these days. I enjoy summertime, cooking, music, reading, and foooooood. 

I especially love connecting with people, which is why I enjoy doing makeup so much. Meeting new people and learning even just a snippet of their stories gives me life. See you around!! 

Monica Oglesby

Hey!  I’m a single and sassy one with an incredible daughter and a rambunctious beagle mix. Art and makeup have always been a big part of who I am but combining the two professionally has been an unexpected dream come true! I Love all things coffee, books, dogs, and peanut butter. 

Special Guests

Yesica Metcalf

Meet Yesica!  She is a native to sunny San Diego, California and was on our in house and wedding team for a little over a year.  The military had other plans for her family however, and has since moved back to California where she is rocking it out in her own salon.  However, we still have the pleasure of  being visited by her talent from time to time, and we’re so excited when she’s in town to help with weddings.  

“I love versatility and I am not afraid to achieve what’s best for our guests. What I love most about being in the beauty industry (est 2006) is meeting everybody in this wonderful community.  Meeting new people and hearing everyone’s stories and no matter what someone is going through seeing them leave happy and feeling better about themselves is truly inspiring to me as a cosmetologist.”    -Yesica

Sol Fagundes

Meet Sol!  We had the pleasure of having her to ourselves for years, but alas, she resides in Northern Florida now.  But we are lucky enough to have her help out on occasion, and love it when she’s in town to help pamper clients!
“My philosophy is about using makeup as a tool to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  That doesn’t; mean no makeup, it means makeup that is tailored to your unique style and features.”