Wedding Products

Wedding Products

Darling & Dapper studio offers traditional liquid foundation and airbrush applications. Our liquid foundation, Face Atelier, is phenomenal. It’s silicone-based, and for those unfamiliar with why that’s rad, silicone molecules are bigger than the human pore - which means lots of things. It won’t settle in your skin and appear cakey, it’s malleable, so if you cry or sweat, it rejects liquid with a ‘not today’ kind of attitude... and it’s super lightweight!

Our airbrush makeup, Temptu, is the gold standard in silicone-based airbrushed makeup featuring a soft-focus, skin-perfecting finish. Also incredibly lightweight and so easy to wear.

Our styling products are primarily Kenra, which we stand behind wholeheartedly. All of which are 100% vegan and will maintain color, add shine, strength, and provide great hold throughout the day.

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