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Be Radiant with the 2014 Color of the Year!

If you started to drive a Volvo, suddenly you see Volvos wherever you go.  You didn’t seem to notice them before, but now that you are driving one, you are much more mindful of these particular cars.  The same has rang true for me with Pantone “Color of the Year”.  Let me explain…

…if you were to say the word “Pantone” to me before my husband started art school, I would not know what you were talking about. However, now that I understand what this word means and how it relates to me, I want to share this with so many people.  Pantone is a company that known for it’s Pantone Matching System (PMS) to represent colors to a variety of industries, mainly printing, but we can communicate colors to so many just using their system.  Each color is assigned a different number & there are 1,140 color spots in their system.

In addition to regulate colors between designers all over the world, Pantone will work with designers to forecast “Colors of the Year” which will be reflected in fashion, interior design, textiles, WEDDINGS…all sorts of places.  Last year, the Color of the Year was Emerald, or 17-4651.  Below we feature a sample of 2013’s color:



Since we are at the beginning of the new year, we want to fill you all in on Pantone’s newest choice for 2014 which is “Radiant Orchid” or 18-3224.  See this lovely hue below:

Official image 2014 color of the year


Now that we have shown you this color, watch, just as you had started to see the car you are currently driving everywhere, you will start to see this color everywhere, too!  Here’s a few pics collected of Radiant Orchid:

COTY Collection

Why is this the “Color of the Year”?  How is this color chosen?  Click here for a video that explains this process.

In addition to the Color of the Year, Pantone also chooses seasonal colors in a Fashion Report for both women and men that will accent the color of the year.  Again, these are all reflected in Fashion Weeks all over the world.  This just goes to show you how color affects each and every branch of the art and design world. Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiserman, explains the Women’s Spring 2014 Fashion Report.

…of course we haven’t forgot our guys!  Here’s the men’s Fashion Report:


To read more about Pantone and their wide range of colors, visit their website!   If you enjoyed our blog post, please share it on your favorite social media outlet!


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Fall into Trends with Team Veil: #2 Faux Side Bangs

Who says you have to commit?  If you’re the “try it before I buy it” kinda gal, then this is the trend for you.  Keep your look  fresh and new but still keep your length! Here are a few pics of this ‘do on the runways for fall 2013:

Dries van Noten  Fall / /Winter 2013-2014

Dries van Noten
Fall / /Winter 2013-2014

As you can see in the set of pictures above, hair is combed across the forehead, in the direction that you normally wear your hair, only a much deeper part.  (If you rock the middle part, it’s you choice, pick a side). You can then use a clip to hold the hair into place.

Rag and Bone  Fall:Winter 2013

Rag and Bone
Fall:Winter 2013


Gently pull the hair back towards the opposite side than where it is clipped.  This will allow the hair to drape over your forehead. The hair is then tucked behind the ear and bobby pinned.  (Try criss crossing the pins, it will hold more secure).

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2013 (BTW we LOVE this high contrast look, its so striking! Wanna try it? Let's chat!!)

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2013
(BTW we LOVE this high contrast look, its so striking! Wanna try it? Let’s chat!!)

…..Sound a little to complicated? Let us show you how to turn your hair into a new design and keep you en vogue through out the fall / winter seasons!  Reserve time today with any of our designers, we would be happy to give you a demo, on the house!

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