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And A Happy New Year

You sang the title. I know you did.

Hi there!! I hope everyone had a glorious holiday, I know I did. I also know I have no idea what day it is or what I am doing in this black hole that exists after the holiday euphoria. I digress.

What I am really here to do is to look back on the December frenzy and pay tribute to this beautiful Holiday hair that Amber (@haircrafted_beautybyamber) had fun designing.

Here is look number one:

upstyle, event hair, modern salon, 757stylist,, stylists supporting stylists, virginia beach, hampton roads, wedding hair, party hairShe started with a teased front and twisted that into a Dutch braid all the way down and secured at the nape with an elastic. Then fluffed the braid out strategically for the slight Christmas tree effect.

Products used:

 Kenra Texture spray

Kenra working spray
Aquage illuminating gelade

For her second look:  (my personal fave if anyone is asking)

event hair, wedding hair, 757 stylist, upstyle, updo, modern salon, darling and dapper

She started at the crown with some volume and then pulled alternating sides criss-crossing while working her way down. Fluffing out the twists as she goes. She secured with pins underneath and pieced out the remaining hair for pretty texture. I love the accent piece she chose here!

Products used:

Kenra Texture spray 

Kenra design spray

Kenra Shine Spray
Aquage Silkening oil 

Finally, she decided to get super extra here…and I absolutely love it:upstyle, wedding hair, salon, modern salon, darling and dapper, wedding hair, 757 stylist

To achieve this look Amber began with a low ponytail and then started to build volume in the crown, then alternated twists from each side and pulled them out to make the sections more full.

Products used:

Kenra Working spray 

Kenra shine spray
Kenra dry thickening spray

Ambers creativity, energy and passion for hair makes her such a fun stylist to work next to. She is super into continued education and really puts her knowledge to use while using her talents to make people beautiful. So there you have it, now onto 2020 and all of the spectacular things it holds for us. If anyone is looking for me I will be eating kale and moving into the gym…(and doing hair, of course.)

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Wedding Day Trials: You Be the Judge!

You be the Judge…go to trial!

For some brides, hair and makeup is on the top of their ‘must find’ vendor list. They Pinterest hair and makeup for months trying to paint the perfect wedding day picture – everything from hair pieces and veils to perfected eye brows and expertly contoured cheek bones.

For other brides, hair and makeup comes later in the planning process and it’s something they have put a little less thought into. This isn’t to say that it’s not important – wedding planning can be INSANE so it’s understandable that hair and makeup be at the bottom of the list or, not on the list at all!

Whether you are a hair and makeup aficionado or prefer more of a natural façade, your wedding day hair and makeup is important! You want to look back at all of your wedding-day pictures and feel beautiful and, most of all, like yourself.

When you start looking for your hair and makeup team, use the internet to your advantage! Wedding Wire and The Knot are just two of many tools at your fingertips. You can search HUNDREDS of salons and read a bios, read real reviews by other brides and you can find contact info.

Don’t be afraid to go straight to the source and call or email and ask a thousand questions. We LOVE taking calls from shopping brides – we know that your hair and makeup can end up being a costly expense and we want you to feel comfortable with moving forward, booking, and knowing you are in the best of hands.

Ultimately, your comfort is the most important to us. Which brings us to… dun dun dunnnnnnn……… and makeup trials!

Darling & Dapper LOVES meeting brides for a trial run of hair and makeup. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know the stylist who will be with you on your wedding day, go through pictures together and get pampered. We want your day to be just as perfect as you do! A trial allows us to consult with you and ask you about your vision so we can fine tune your hair and makeup to be exactly what you want – it’s not uncommon for the pictures brought in by the bride to be tweaked and customized for each bride’s hair type and face shape. We do our best to make sure our brides walk out the door feeling wedding-day ready! We always leave the lines of communication open between the trial and the wedding day and we are 100% open to feedback and critiques. Again, your comfort is what’s most important to us.

Trials aren’t just for the bride, either! It is fairly common for the Mother of the Bride or the Maid of Honor to have a hair and makeup trial, too. This way the bride is able to see if the Attendant’s style works with her vision and it’s a really great way to bond before the big day. When you are searching for your wedding day stylist, don’t hesitate to schedule a trial before booking. Call us to discuss pricing and availability. We can’t wait to talk to you!!

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