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Taylor Shira



Everybody help me welcome Taylor Shira to our salon! She has been on our wedding team for some time now in between taking care of her ever so precious baby boy, and now the time has come that she has moved in and set up shop inside Darling and Dapper!

You can catch a glimpse of her work on Instagram @thecosmocactus and she is available by appointment.

Taylor is a Texas gal and a self-proclaimed foodie. Some of her favorite things to do with her hubby and sweet baby Jenks are to try new foods and cook up her own dishes, tubing, concert going, painting and making home décor- like when does she sleep. Taking Jenks to Mt. Trashmore and pushing him on the swing fills her mama heart. Football makes her eyes glaze over but will still attend a Superbowl party for the snacks ( my kinda girl!)

So I asked her what kind of client gets her excited behind the chair and I loved her answer- “ My ideal client is someone who teaches me something. Whether it be learning from their hair and how to be a better stylist, or even if they share their wisdom with me about life. I love those deep meaningful conversations that require a lot of soul searching.” Same girl, same. . Making people feel safe and comfortable both behind the chair and in general is super important to her and that comes across the minute you meet her, she is funny and silly and loves to see people laugh. Hanging around her you just feel this sense that she wants the best for you wholeheartedly and is genuinely happy for the good things that happen to you, even if you have just met- its just kind of embodied in who she is and the vibe she carries around.

Curling irons and make up brushes put Taylor on cloud nine. Her style ranges from Boho-romantic to edgy to traditional but between you and I, she admittedly has a hipster flare that I myself will never be cool enough to pull off. When you come and sit in Taylor’s chair, she will be using a range of Kenra and Verb to style; Redken, Pulp Riot and Paul Mitchell for your color needs. This perfectionist will knock your socks off with her fabulous hair and make up skills while providing you with a high quality experience that you deserve. Come check her out!

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A Home for Collective Artistry



I’m so stoked to finally be able to share the news that we are packing our clippers and combs and headed for hilltop.

For our beautiful clients:

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of coming to one of our parties at The Attic at Watermans, then you know we know how to have a good time… so get ready for one amazing Grand Opening.Darling and Dapper, The attic at Watermans, Hair, make up, wedding, hampton roads, 757 hair, party, events, photography, briidal  A giant part of this new beginning is to provide the kind of environment you crave while getting to treat yo’ self.  Somewhere you can kick back and have a good time – an energetic vibe but also embracing the quintessential relaxation and healing. You will be able to pamper and rejuvenate with services like esthetics, acupuncture, massage and hot towel shaves.

For professionals:

Our space will feature so many treasures, we are sticking to our roots with all things bridal, and clinging to our home-like quirky atmosphere.  Our hair services will remain on point and faces will be flawless with our crowned jewel, Face Atelier foundation. Barbering services will be taken to the next level in an area entirely dedicated to fades and straight razor shaves. Hot shave, barber, pamper, lady barber, hampton roads, salon, beard, razor To all of our freelance and contractor friends – we’re offering “Darling Memberships” for hourly and monthly rental of our bridal space. A neutral, professional environment to use for your own clients.

I know, I know…right now your minds are exploding… but there is more.

        In addition to the talent we have to offer now, we have room for two more hair stylists. Your booth rent will include station, chair, shampoo bowls, utilities, washer/dryer, mixing area with shelving, retail shelf and reception area with waiting room and marketing.  We also have four private rooms, two upstairs measuring 18×11 and two down, measuring 10×13. Liz is interested in renting these rooms to anyone in the service industry, whether it be a wedding planner, social media extraordinaire, makeup artist, barber, tattoo artist (yes we are zoned for tattoos!!!), photographer, massage, energy healing, lash extensions… really ANY kind of craftsman who is interested in evolving their artistry and business, specifically by being surrounded by inspired, established and like-minded people.

If any of this strikes your fancy and you are looking to take part in this adventure at 1776 Laskin Rd. Suite 105, then reach out to Liz at [email protected]

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All of the butterflies

                                                                                                       Darling and Dapper, Stylist, hair, bridal, Virginia Beach, salon

To start things off properly, I would like to introduce myself as the new voice of all that is happening at Darling and Dapper. My name is Cheryl McGowan.

Darling and Dapper, having been recently reinvented, is a thriving and tight knit family that I have been a part of for the past six years. I must be honest in saying that this is a brand-new venture for me. I have literally jumped out of an airplane, given birth and do hair for beautiful women on the biggest day of their lives… BUT, as challenging as those things are – I will tell you that as I am writing this lil’ old blog, I am a mixture of emotion. THRILLED outweighs most of them, so here I am.

THE Miss Darling and I go way back, to a time where I was washing hair and sweeping floors. Life has changed quite a bit since then, I have a husband that I adore, two children who have my heart and tons of experience with HAIR (something I am so proud of). In preparation to put some of my thoughts on paper, I have been asking myself “what it is about doing event/bridal hair that I love so much?” I began to think back to the variety of people I met through my grueling apprenticeship, my terrifying years as a new stylist and my overall eleven years behind the chair. Every single time, it goes back to the connections I have made with people. I never would have gotten the chance to meet so many of them otherwise. Even if I had met them before they graced my chair – we all know it’s is an entirely different relationship between hairstylist and client. We get the dish, we know the ups and the downs of your lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I wouldn’t have it any other way because that is REAL.

It’s no wonder that being a part of a bride’s most anticipated and emotional days is so special to me. It is paramount to both the bride and myself that we are on the same page and share a similar vision for her look.  I get to see the creativity and planning all come together for that couple, and feel the love and adoration between friends and family. Not to mention handcraft a look that will be professionally photographed and remembered forever. No pressure, right?

I LOVE it. Bring on all of the beautiful.

Darling and Dapper, Beautiful, Wedding, Bridal, Updo, Travel, hair, make up, Hampton Roads, SalonDarling and Dapper, Wedding, Bridal, Vintage, updo, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Hair, Make Up

I was on a family vacation this past week, and my sister in law showed up with long thick extensions, down to the middle of her back (oh, you like my hair? Gee thanks. Just bought it). There was no way I was letting that hair go without at least getting one style done. Since long and textured looks are hard to accomplish without extensions- ( I highly recommend clip ins for very detailed and textured looks)- or someone who is naturally blessed with that kind of hair, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to execute this design:

Darling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, FancyDarling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, Fancy

I used:
Kenra Dry Texture Spray
Big Sexy Powder Play
And Aquage Finishing Spray

The week we had at the beach was killer and gave me some time to think about what I truly want to accomplish with this platform. I hope that my passion for connecting with people gets to flourish. I’ll be sharing the work of the wonderful talented ladies I get to work with, products I can’t live without, tips, pretty things, events and all the happenings of Darling and Dapper… there is a TON in the works so please stay tuned.

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