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Five Element Acupuncture and Wellness

 To book: call/text 757.777.2006 Email: [email protected] Instagram: Kellyobn

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           Everybody meet Kelly! She provides a completely different experience in our studio then anyone else. Maybe you’ve heard of it and have been curious, so here is a little bit of insight to Acupuncture. Being over 5,000 years old, acupuncture (a procedure in which tiny needles, about the width of a hair, are placed just beneath the surface of the skin) is a more traditional way to bring balance to our overall health. The major reason this practice is so unique and powerful is because it addresses all levels of a person- Mind, Body and Spirit. Emotional support is one benefit that patients receive, although originally it was meant to be for maintenance of one’s overall health not just specific symptoms or ailments. That being said, when a person’s energy is balanced, symptoms dissolve or hopefully avoid developing at all. Have no fear, there is little to no sensation- read pain- for most points, so it is actually very relaxing.

As well as acupuncture, Kelly offers:

 Cupping for muscle tension- deeper

Gua Sha for muscle tension- superficial

Reiki for energy balancing

Chakra balancing

Essential oil classes

Zyto scans

All of which help to support health and wellness

acupuncture,health,wellness,beauty, energy,healing, essential oils, chakra, reiki, five elements, traditional, natural remedies, natural healing, natural

 Now that we have tipped the iceberg on what Kelly has to offer, I’d like to give you a little glimpse of her more personally- she is such a lovely and pleasant person to be around. She seems to wear a smile most times and it is shining with optimism and openness. She has a very down to earth comfortability which makes her easy to be around and trust- I appreciate that in someone in general but especially when they are using tiny needles ?  This brave gal has three kiddos- 8,12 and 14 and was previously working out of a home office before branching out and taking it a step bigger in her new office with us. Running, yoga, paddle boarding, meditation and TRAVELING are all things that make her happy….Japan with her other half was her favorite trip and she wants to return… maybe after Mexico and Italy… can I come?

Come check her out by appointment or at her next essential oil class!

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C. Askew Cuts


Remember all that talk about the fresh, new and exciting? I walk into work the other day and I am greeted by a brand new face with a whole new energy to go along with it. Ced is our newest Barber, he is a go getter with years of experience and a very humble presence.

Send your sons, husbands, grandfathers- whichever dapper fella you would like to pamper, Ced is your guy. We pride ourselves on our work with our amazing brides, but our men need love too ladies.

His hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-7pm. That is until the guys of Virginia Beach realize what they have been missing and he cant help but have to open up his hours. His prices are just as humble as he is at $25 for a classic fade and he does special pricing for seniors and children. Ced will also take care of beards and eyebrows, and specializes in a clean edge for a precision look.


He is one of our several independent creatives and his business thrives on determination, dedication and honest hard work. His business name C. Askew Cuts pays respect to his late great uncle and mentor, which says so much about the passion and meaning behind his entire business model. You can reach him at 757-243-4458 and check out his Instagram @golf_is_life1982.

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Here-Hold My Hairspray.

    They say “if you’re too comfortable, its time to move on.” The same people say that “if you’re
terrified of what’s next, then you’re on the right track.”
Nothing embodies this year better than those sentiments.
Closing down Veil to push the limits and see what New England had to offer was necessary,

and gave me a small taste of just what I was capable of. But being trapped in a 900 sq/ft box
was hard – and not just on me. The whole team felt it at one point or another — bridal trials with
nowhere for them to sit, borrowing each other’s stations, cramming in 12 person bridal parties
WHILE taking regular clients. Our little caterpillar selves grew massive wings that needed room
to stretch.


The idea for this space began a long time ago – always a backburner idea that seemed too far
off. Too scary. Too expensive. But as our lease was coming to an end, and the pressure was
on to make a decision… I did what I normally do (which gives most people, especially Jeramie, a heart attack.)

Hairstylist, Darling and Dapper, 757 hair. hampton roads hairstylistI closed my eyes, jumped off the proverbial cliff, and Mcguyver’d kick-ass wings

on the way down. Some call it crazy, some call it faith – I call it paramount. Without risk, there
are no rewards.
Admittedly, there were a few times I questioned my sanity. I even questioned my support
system’s sanity as they cheered me on. But that’s what you do when you love each other. At
the opening last Thursday, my friend asked “Weren’t you scared? All this space and all this  rent…”
Um, yeah. Hell yeah, actually. However, just like Kevin Costner did, I knew that if I built it, they
would come. While I’m still looking for another stylist or two, I have to say we are off to a damn
fine start.
Brooke: Milk and Honey Bride
Kelly: Acupuncture
Anita: Massage/Yoga/Reiki
Cheryl: Stylist
Amber: Stylist


A pretty fine start, indeed. For the first time, in a long time, I feel content. Thank you to all who
came out on Thursday, and super special thank you’s to:

Chanda Chann; Triumph realty – for bringing this gem to my attention
Jay Santiago; Floors and More – for making all of my construction dreams come to life
Sam Welty- for all of your incredible artistic abilities
Katherine Hallberg Design- a perfect flower cave, fit for unicorns
Sarah; Stumpy Thumb- succulents and flowers and plants, oh my
Mike Brite; Brite Minds Design- I love a good sticker, and cling, and 12-foot window covering
Sherwin Williams Hilltop- we’re all best friends now. Thank you for putting up with me and my

Amber and Anna – for keeping the business running, and making sure I had daily cookies
Lyric and River- for being excited for me, and not holding my absence against me
Brooke, Kelly, Anita – for taking the leap with me, and joining this crazy family
My Family- supporting my grandiose ideas, and listening to me bitch as I bring them to life
The Darling and Dapper Team- without you, I’d just be a stylist, kickin’ it by myself. YOU make
all this possible.

darling and dapper, 757, virginia beach hairstylist, acupuncture, massage
Chef by Design- all of the delicious snacks on Thursday
Express Valet- because of you, nobody had to park at Whole Foods. Thank you for that
DJ West- absolutely killed it. We must do more together soon
Misty- for helping me remember that I should probably have a photographer, and then knocking
it out of the park
Incredible Edibles- gelato perfection
Boardwalk Photobooth- not only being here Thursday BUT allowing Betty to have a home here
Stage Right Lighting- always creating the perfect mood (and making sure everyone in a 30-mile
radius knew where to find us)
Jeramie- I’m still waiting to wake up from this fantastic dream. You are everything. xo PS wear
suspenders more often. 😉

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A Home for Collective Artistry



I’m so stoked to finally be able to share the news that we are packing our clippers and combs and headed for hilltop.

For our beautiful clients:

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of coming to one of our parties at The Attic at Watermans, then you know we know how to have a good time… so get ready for one amazing Grand Opening.Darling and Dapper, The attic at Watermans, Hair, make up, wedding, hampton roads, 757 hair, party, events, photography, briidal  A giant part of this new beginning is to provide the kind of environment you crave while getting to treat yo’ self.  Somewhere you can kick back and have a good time – an energetic vibe but also embracing the quintessential relaxation and healing. You will be able to pamper and rejuvenate with services like esthetics, acupuncture, massage and hot towel shaves.

For professionals:

Our space will feature so many treasures, we are sticking to our roots with all things bridal, and clinging to our home-like quirky atmosphere.  Our hair services will remain on point and faces will be flawless with our crowned jewel, Face Atelier foundation. Barbering services will be taken to the next level in an area entirely dedicated to fades and straight razor shaves. Hot shave, barber, pamper, lady barber, hampton roads, salon, beard, razor To all of our freelance and contractor friends – we’re offering “Darling Memberships” for hourly and monthly rental of our bridal space. A neutral, professional environment to use for your own clients.

I know, I know…right now your minds are exploding… but there is more.

        In addition to the talent we have to offer now, we have room for two more hair stylists. Your booth rent will include station, chair, shampoo bowls, utilities, washer/dryer, mixing area with shelving, retail shelf and reception area with waiting room and marketing.  We also have four private rooms, two upstairs measuring 18×11 and two down, measuring 10×13. Liz is interested in renting these rooms to anyone in the service industry, whether it be a wedding planner, social media extraordinaire, makeup artist, barber, tattoo artist (yes we are zoned for tattoos!!!), photographer, massage, energy healing, lash extensions… really ANY kind of craftsman who is interested in evolving their artistry and business, specifically by being surrounded by inspired, established and like-minded people.

If any of this strikes your fancy and you are looking to take part in this adventure at 1776 Laskin Rd. Suite 105, then reach out to Liz at [email protected]

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