Five Element Acupuncture and Wellness Acupuncture is a more traditional way of bringing balance to one’s overall health… this is a practice that’s over 5000 years old. Tiny needles about the width of a human hair are placed just beneath the surface of the skin, with little to no sensation. (For those who have adversity to needles, it’s not scary I promise) When the energy is balanced, symptoms dissolve and you become completely relaxed. Unlike most modalities, acupuncture addresses all levels: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Many of my patients come for emotional support, or pain relief; help with fertility or to quit smoking. The mindset is that of maintaining health, not just to alleviate specific ailments.

Services offered:


Cupping, to ease deep muscle tension

Gua Sha, to ease superficial muscle tension

Reiki, to balance energy

Chakra Balancing

Essential oil classes

Zyto Scans, to support health and wellness

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