We always knew Virginia Beach was just the beginning – and now, with the help of the amazingly talented Taylor, we are able to introduce the next phase of Darling and Dapper.

We have a traveling wedding team, already booking well into 2022, and in the fall we will be opening our brick and mortar where we will cut, color and bring all of your goals to life.

We are so excited to create a home in Texas, where we can cultivate our philosophy, build confidence, and expand our family in this beautiful community.

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Hiiiiii! My name is Taylor, and I have been in the beauty industry since the beginning of 2017. I am a Texas native, and just moved back here from Virginia with my recently-out-of-the-navy husband, Alan, and two year old son, Jenks. We also have two doggos, Howie and Harleigh. Darling and Dapper was my salon home in Virginia, and where I started my career. Darling and Dapper has meant everything to me, and I am SO excited to bring it back to my home state! What we have is unlike any other salon experience, in my humble opinion. 😉
*insert exploding heart emoji*

Going into cosmetology school, I knew for a fact that bridal hair and makeup were going to be my focus. Even today, as much as I love cutting, coloring, and other everyday salon services, my heart gets most excited for special event styling. What an honor it is to be able to create that kind of magic for someone on such a huge day. I’m a ~not so slight~ perfectionist, and I believe we have a responsibility to our brides and clients to listen, to envision, to empathize, and to create. I’ve been told I have a sparkling personality, so you can rest assured that I will be your biggest hype girl! Boho and lived-in vibes are my favorite, but I love everything from light, natural glam to extraaa extra. My main goal is to make you feel like your absolute best self, no matter what it takes to get there. I am looking forward to connecting with you! *throws confetti*

-Taylor Shira: Lead Artist – Austin, TX

Meet our Traveling Confidence Builders

The ones that are ready to make you feel as fancy as you already are.

Taylor Shira


Hi, I am Lati and I have been doing bridal hair for 16 years and I love it!  Hairstyling is what makes me happy…my mom taught me how to braid when I was 7 years old and I just never stopped!  I was born in Paris, France and spent the last 16 years in Chicago doing bridal hair.  Came home to Austin where my parents reside and I am an UT-Austin alumni.  Feels great to be back!

Ana Treviño

My name is Ana Treviño. I’ve been working as a MUA for 7 years and I have done dozen of weddings. My favorite bridal look is any that makes the bride feels beautiful and confident. I love helping to make the bride look her best on her special day.