Here-Hold My Hairspray.

    They say “if you’re too comfortable, its time to move on.” The same people say that “if you’re
terrified of what’s next, then you’re on the right track.”
Nothing embodies this year better than those sentiments.
Closing down Veil to push the limits and see what New England had to offer was necessary,

and gave me a small taste of just what I was capable of. But being trapped in a 900 sq/ft box
was hard – and not just on me. The whole team felt it at one point or another — bridal trials with
nowhere for them to sit, borrowing each other’s stations, cramming in 12 person bridal parties
WHILE taking regular clients. Our little caterpillar selves grew massive wings that needed room
to stretch.


The idea for this space began a long time ago – always a backburner idea that seemed too far
off. Too scary. Too expensive. But as our lease was coming to an end, and the pressure was
on to make a decision… I did what I normally do (which gives most people, especially Jeramie, a heart attack.)

Hairstylist, Darling and Dapper, 757 hair. hampton roads hairstylistI closed my eyes, jumped off the proverbial cliff, and Mcguyver’d kick-ass wings

on the way down. Some call it crazy, some call it faith – I call it paramount. Without risk, there
are no rewards.
Admittedly, there were a few times I questioned my sanity. I even questioned my support
system’s sanity as they cheered me on. But that’s what you do when you love each other. At
the opening last Thursday, my friend asked “Weren’t you scared? All this space and all this  rent…”
Um, yeah. Hell yeah, actually. However, just like Kevin Costner did, I knew that if I built it, they
would come. While I’m still looking for another stylist or two, I have to say we are off to a damn
fine start.
Brooke: Milk and Honey Bride
Kelly: Acupuncture
Anita: Massage/Yoga/Reiki
Cheryl: Stylist
Amber: Stylist


A pretty fine start, indeed. For the first time, in a long time, I feel content. Thank you to all who
came out on Thursday, and super special thank you’s to:

Chanda Chann; Triumph realty – for bringing this gem to my attention
Jay Santiago; Floors and More – for making all of my construction dreams come to life
Sam Welty- for all of your incredible artistic abilities
Katherine Hallberg Design- a perfect flower cave, fit for unicorns
Sarah; Stumpy Thumb- succulents and flowers and plants, oh my
Mike Brite; Brite Minds Design- I love a good sticker, and cling, and 12-foot window covering
Sherwin Williams Hilltop- we’re all best friends now. Thank you for putting up with me and my

Amber and Anna – for keeping the business running, and making sure I had daily cookies
Lyric and River- for being excited for me, and not holding my absence against me
Brooke, Kelly, Anita – for taking the leap with me, and joining this crazy family
My Family- supporting my grandiose ideas, and listening to me bitch as I bring them to life
The Darling and Dapper Team- without you, I’d just be a stylist, kickin’ it by myself. YOU make
all this possible.

darling and dapper, 757, virginia beach hairstylist, acupuncture, massage
Chef by Design- all of the delicious snacks on Thursday
Express Valet- because of you, nobody had to park at Whole Foods. Thank you for that
DJ West- absolutely killed it. We must do more together soon
Misty- for helping me remember that I should probably have a photographer, and then knocking
it out of the park
Incredible Edibles- gelato perfection
Boardwalk Photobooth- not only being here Thursday BUT allowing Betty to have a home here
Stage Right Lighting- always creating the perfect mood (and making sure everyone in a 30-mile
radius knew where to find us)
Jeramie- I’m still waiting to wake up from this fantastic dream. You are everything. xo PS wear
suspenders more often. 😉

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