All of the butterflies

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To start things off properly, I would like to introduce myself as the new voice of all that is happening at Darling and Dapper. My name is Cheryl McGowan.

Darling and Dapper, having been recently reinvented, is a thriving and tight knit family that I have been a part of for the past six years. I must be honest in saying that this is a brand-new venture for me. I have literally jumped out of an airplane, given birth and do hair for beautiful women on the biggest day of their lives… BUT, as challenging as those things are – I will tell you that as I am writing this lil’ old blog, I am a mixture of emotion. THRILLED outweighs most of them, so here I am.

THE Miss Darling and I go way back, to a time where I was washing hair and sweeping floors. Life has changed quite a bit since then, I have a husband that I adore, two children who have my heart and tons of experience with HAIR (something I am so proud of). In preparation to put some of my thoughts on paper, I have been asking myself “what it is about doing event/bridal hair that I love so much?” I began to think back to the variety of people I met through my grueling apprenticeship, my terrifying years as a new stylist and my overall eleven years behind the chair. Every single time, it goes back to the connections I have made with people. I never would have gotten the chance to meet so many of them otherwise. Even if I had met them before they graced my chair – we all know it’s is an entirely different relationship between hairstylist and client. We get the dish, we know the ups and the downs of your lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I wouldn’t have it any other way because that is REAL.

It’s no wonder that being a part of a bride’s most anticipated and emotional days is so special to me. It is paramount to both the bride and myself that we are on the same page and share a similar vision for her look.  I get to see the creativity and planning all come together for that couple, and feel the love and adoration between friends and family. Not to mention handcraft a look that will be professionally photographed and remembered forever. No pressure, right?

I LOVE it. Bring on all of the beautiful.

Darling and Dapper, Beautiful, Wedding, Bridal, Updo, Travel, hair, make up, Hampton Roads, SalonDarling and Dapper, Wedding, Bridal, Vintage, updo, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Hair, Make Up

I was on a family vacation this past week, and my sister in law showed up with long thick extensions, down to the middle of her back (oh, you like my hair? Gee thanks. Just bought it). There was no way I was letting that hair go without at least getting one style done. Since long and textured looks are hard to accomplish without extensions- ( I highly recommend clip ins for very detailed and textured looks)- or someone who is naturally blessed with that kind of hair, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to execute this design:

Darling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, FancyDarling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, Fancy

I used:
Kenra Dry Texture Spray
Big Sexy Powder Play
And Aquage Finishing Spray

The week we had at the beach was killer and gave me some time to think about what I truly want to accomplish with this platform. I hope that my passion for connecting with people gets to flourish. I’ll be sharing the work of the wonderful talented ladies I get to work with, products I can’t live without, tips, pretty things, events and all the happenings of Darling and Dapper… there is a TON in the works so please stay tuned.

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