Introducing Darling Unveiled

Behind the Veil started with a passion for making women feel beautiful and confident. In 6 years, we have never steered away from that. Surely, we weren’t the first salon to yearn for women to feel beautiful. But we were the first of OUR kind in the area – a salon focused on brides with a driving desire to make their wedding day effortlessly beautiful. We love what we stand for and the group of likeminded women on our team help us stay true to our zealousness and beliefs always. It’s not always smooth sailing and we would be lying if we said anything to the contrary. In this industry, there is plenty of crazy to go around. Weddings can be full of stress so, if we can be the one constant smile for a bride, we’ve done our job.

The past two years have brought forth more change than any of us could have imagined. Changes ranging from the fixtures on the walls to the faces behind the chairs. Not to mention countless obstacles. Had we known that every change and every choice made would have led us to where we are now, we would have undoubtedly hurried the process along because we have found ourselves on the brink of something amazing. The future is full of the unknown but, it is confidently full of heart, passion, unparalleled talent and a leader who knows no limits. Behind the Veil, in name, might be leaving; however, its core beliefs, enthusiasm, amazing artists and never-ending thirst for success are drilled deep into our roots.

Ladies and gentlemen, Darling & Dapper is here. Are you ready?

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