Pumpkin Spice is in the HAIR…

I cannot express enough how much I welcome the change of seasons from Summer to Fall. While I do love summer and all that accompanies it – tan lines and sand in my toes, flip flops and sun dresses, barbecues and fireworks – there is something magical when the air starts to crisp and the leaves begin to change. Halloween is around the corner and then shortly after we get to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: THANKSGIVING. I love gravy.

As the weather changes we slowly start to shift our wardrobe from bright, patterned outfits to more neutral, slightly darker ensembles. Our skin starts to pale from a lack of sunbathing. We trade our hot pink and neon colored nail polish in for something a little more mauve.  With everything around us changing, maybe ever so gradually, it’s a great time to warm up those bleach-blonde locks with something a little richer. There is definitely no rule that says you should alter your hair when fall arrives, but it is something that a lot of us do.

Whether you want to make a complete transformation and go from Gwen Stefani to Demi Lovato or do something a little more subtle, there is definitely a great look waiting for you! One hot new trend to consider is going “bronde”. The best way I can describe this is as follows: you love your blonde hair (that I know you’ve worked hard for) but, you want to warm things up without making a DRAMATIC, hard to reverse change. It’s the perfect blend of blonde and blown, thus “bronde”.  Have a closer look at this trending style here.

Here are our suggestions for incorporating a fall look into your current hair color:

If you have been blonde all summer and are ready to go a little deeper, have a look at the link above and consider going Bronde. You can insert a darker base while keeping some of those pieces really light blonde, thereby adding depth while still keeping you all over blonde. If you’re currently a dark brown or an all over darker color, a suitable choice would be to balayage some highlights in. Those highlights can be anywhere from a copper to deep burgundy. The goal would be to add some warm dimensional color. if you already have some highlights, a toner or color wash would be a great choice to freshen those locks and add a golden glow to your current look.

Whatever you do (or don’t do!) with your hair this fall, let me say this – may your yoga pants be comfy, your Ugg boots be warm, and your Pumpkin Spice Lattes be plentiful!


Our amazingly talented girls would love to opportunity to consult with you about ways to update your cut, color and style as well as your makeup. Give us a call to set it up at (757) 965-7500.


Anna Bissett (Salon Manager) and Megan Bell (Stylist and Makeup Artist)

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