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If you have followed us over the years, through all of our changes – the big ones and subtle ones – hopefully you have noticed that one thing has remained constant: our drive to build confidence in those we come in contact with.  Of course, we are in beauty industry – we sell hair and makeup and beauty…. But more than that, we do our best to build our clients up from the inside out. We have always believed that true beauty comes from within.  Empowering women to celebrate their beauty and let their confidence shine is what gives us life!  

Being in this industry we are SO fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded vendors.

 A service that has been growing in trend in recent years is boudoir photography (we’ve even seen a couple dude-oir photos shoots!) We want to scream from the rooftop that boudoir photography is for EVERY WOMAN. It can be intimidating…we all look at our bodies and see things that we want to change, things that we wouldn’t normally put in front of a camera. But boudoir isn’t just about taking sexy pictures for your man. It’s about learning to love who you are and finding the strength to say “I am beautiful and my body is amazing”. More and more women are gaining the confidence to get in front of the camera and bare their truth. Confidence is the sexiest characteristic one can hold and working with photographers like Tianna Yentzer of Yours Truly Portraiture make the process easy and so much fun!  When she approached us about working together on this project, we didn’t hesitate to say yes! 

We have worked with Tianna countless times over the passed few years, doing hair and makeup for her boudoir clients and we admire her very much. Her passion for empowering women and helping them break out of their shell to see their true beauty is inspiring! Our team had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with her in September and it was AMAZING. She is such a professional and has this calming, encouraging nature about her. She gave us full freedom with dressing how we wanted to be represented and she guided us through every snap of the lens – never once allowing us to feel uneasy. (a glass of champagne helped too )

 To celebrate everything it means to be a woman, we will be working with Tianna on a very special photography marathon on January 26, 2019!  We are so excited to be providing the hair and makeup for SHINE!


Beauty: Head-shot or beauty session. Cost $350. Includes professional hair and makeup, a 30-minute beauty session with Yours Truly Portraiture & seven digitals for download with the rights to print. Additional products & digitals are available for purchase at a 25% discount of our normal pricing.




Boudoir: Cost $475 + taxes. Includes professional hair and makeup, a 45 minute boudoir session with Yours Truly Portraiture, seven digitals for download with the rights to print, and one 8×10 luxe gift print. Additional products & digitals are available for purchase at a 25% discount of our normal pricing. 

 For full details, check out Tianna’s event website here:  The SHINE Event. Space for this intimate event is limited! Fill out the contact form on the Shine event page for any questions. Learn more about Tianna at Your Truly Portraiture


We can’t wait to see you shine!!


All photos by: Tianna Yenzter of Your Truly Portraiture

Visit Tianna’es website to learn more about SHINE here: SHINE

See more of her work on Instagram @yourstrulyportraiture


Darling and Dapper staff pictured: Liz Darling, Katlyn Sainz, Sol Whitlock, Amber Dillon, Yowanda Blowe, Sarah Cowell, Anna Koons

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Tessa + Doug | The Oyster Farm



Let me start by saying that Tessa was a dream… such a beautiful,down to earth woman. Everything with her felt so comfortable from the very beginning. I’m so glad she came to us to schedule a makeup trial – it was a perfect fit!

Her entire bridal party was a blast – so much laughter being shared. Some of that laughter needs to be credited to the fact that Tessa and Doug were using walkie talkies to talk to each other – that was a first for me!

In getting to know Tessa, I learned that she is a school teacher and her husband, Doug, is in the Coast Guard. They have been together for 15 years and, if they couldn’t be any more of a picturesque couple, he proposed two days after Christmas. They spent the holiday with family is Massachusetts and then flew to Florida, where Doug was stationed at the time. He had a Christmas tree set up for her with presents underneath, like Santa had come to visit while they were up North. One of the gifts was a set of Russian nesting dolls and with each doll she opened, there was another word…spelling out the question “Will You Marry Me?” Doug, that was brilliant and unique – the perfect end to the Christmas holiday and a beautiful start to a New Year.

Doug is now stationed on the Eastern Shore so, for the sake of simplicity, that’s where they wanted to have their wedding. They chose The Oyster Farm in Cape Charles, which is a beautiful venue/restaurant/bar located on the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay. Can you blame them? It is seriously the perfect backdrop for a wedding. We have had the privilege to get several brides ready at this venue and we are never disappointed with the accommodations or the scenery.

If we didn’t already think Doug was a cool dude, would you believe that he took care of a lotof the decorating for their wedding?! He built the beautiful wooden arbor for the ceremony, the wooden signs and the window pane seating chart!


Let us not get away from the lady of the hour…Tessa was stunning. A true vision. From the flower crown to her gorgeous gown, she was perfection.  Her day was captured by the talented Grant and Deb Photography. Below you will see few of our favorite pictures from the big day!


Tessa fell in love with this Allure wedding dress and purchased it from Carbonneau Bridal and Formal Wear in Worcester, MA


The beautiful floral arrangements and flower crowns were artfully created by Seagrass Floral Studio, located in Cape Charles. We loooove the colors she used!


Doug’s Mom and Aunt’s made and decorated her beautiful cake. The cupcakes were made by Twisted Sisters


The Oyster Farm, Cape Charles, handmade, love, darling and dapper studio, bridal makeup, twisted sisters, seaglass floral studio, Allure bridal, the hair days, victoria smith, kohl's, face atalier

This elegant braided style was created by Victoria Smith, who we have had the pleasure of working with before. Check her out here: The Hair Days


Cheers to a lifetime of love!



Makeup: Anna of Darling & Dapper Studio

Hair: Victoria Smith of The Hair Days

Venue: The Oyster Farm, Cape Charles

Dress: Carbonneau Bridal and Formal Wear, Allure

Flowers: Seagrass Floral Studio

Cake: Family of the Bride and Groom

Cupcakes: Twisted Sisters

Photographer: Grant and Deb Photographers




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Be Radiant with the 2014 Color of the Year!

If you started to drive a Volvo, suddenly you see Volvos wherever you go.  You didn’t seem to notice them before, but now that you are driving one, you are much more mindful of these particular cars.  The same has rang true for me with Pantone “Color of the Year”.  Let me explain…

…if you were to say the word “Pantone” to me before my husband started art school, I would not know what you were talking about. However, now that I understand what this word means and how it relates to me, I want to share this with so many people.  Pantone is a company that known for it’s Pantone Matching System (PMS) to represent colors to a variety of industries, mainly printing, but we can communicate colors to so many just using their system.  Each color is assigned a different number & there are 1,140 color spots in their system.

In addition to regulate colors between designers all over the world, Pantone will work with designers to forecast “Colors of the Year” which will be reflected in fashion, interior design, textiles, WEDDINGS…all sorts of places.  Last year, the Color of the Year was Emerald, or 17-4651.  Below we feature a sample of 2013’s color:



Since we are at the beginning of the new year, we want to fill you all in on Pantone’s newest choice for 2014 which is “Radiant Orchid” or 18-3224.  See this lovely hue below:

Official image 2014 color of the year


Now that we have shown you this color, watch, just as you had started to see the car you are currently driving everywhere, you will start to see this color everywhere, too!  Here’s a few pics collected of Radiant Orchid:

COTY Collection

Why is this the “Color of the Year”?  How is this color chosen?  Click here for a video that explains this process.

In addition to the Color of the Year, Pantone also chooses seasonal colors in a Fashion Report for both women and men that will accent the color of the year.  Again, these are all reflected in Fashion Weeks all over the world.  This just goes to show you how color affects each and every branch of the art and design world. Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiserman, explains the Women’s Spring 2014 Fashion Report.

…of course we haven’t forgot our guys!  Here’s the men’s Fashion Report:


To read more about Pantone and their wide range of colors, visit their website!   If you enjoyed our blog post, please share it on your favorite social media outlet!


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Team Veil joined up with ECSC360 and had an action packed weekend!  We’re just a few blocks from the oceanfront, so what better way to celebrate ECSC weekend then to set up shop on the beach and keep ladies looking FRESH even on the BEACH!

The events started with four hula hooping hotties getting hair and makeup done at our studio.  They then performed on the main stage for the COLOR ME RAD dance party.  What a cool was for us to spend our day, getting to be super creative and really step out of the box!

Maryellen, one of our team members at the studio made this killer collage with pics from prepping the models for the dance party!

Maryellen, one of our team members at the studio made this killer collage with pics from prepping the models for the dance party!

We ordered a custom paint job on an old surf board from a local artist, Igor’s Custom Signs and Stripes .  Let me tell you, he knocked it out of the park!  What a talented guy.  He made time for us, even though he was rocking out at the tattoo convention the whole weekend before.  (He won 3rd place for best booth BTW!!) He visited our studio, we showed him a few things for inspiration and BOOM! He delivered us a board that was designed FAR beyond our expectations!

Designed and painted by the very talented Igor's Custom Signs and Stripes.

Designed and painted by the very talented Igor’s Custom Signs and Stripes.

The rest of the weekend, we were right on the beach hooking all the dudes and dudettes up with quickie looks….braids, bronzer and lip gloss touch ups….our most popular treat to the crowd was a pop of color in their hair with Kevin Murphy’s COLOR.BUG hair chalk!  We had a line forming in front of our tent!!

Here's some of the kiddos getting a little pep in their step with Kevin Murphy COLOR.BUG!  Check out Morgan, another team member, rocking out at the tent!

Here’s some of the kiddos getting a little pep in their step with Kevin Murphy COLOR.BUG! Check out Morgan, another team member, rocking out at the tent!

The weekend was full of sunshine, team work, smiles and most of all, spreading confidence  to everyone we saw.  This is what Veil Studios is all about and that is why we all love what we do!

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