Here-Hold My Hairspray.

    They say “if you’re too comfortable, its time to move on.” The same people say that “if you’re
terrified of what’s next, then you’re on the right track.”
Nothing embodies this year better than those sentiments.
Closing down Veil to push the limits and see what New England had to offer was necessary,

and gave me a small taste of just what I was capable of. But being trapped in a 900 sq/ft box
was hard – and not just on me. The whole team felt it at one point or another — bridal trials with
nowhere for them to sit, borrowing each other’s stations, cramming in 12 person bridal parties
WHILE taking regular clients. Our little caterpillar selves grew massive wings that needed room
to stretch.



The idea for this space began a long time ago – always a backburner idea that seemed too far
off. Too scary. Too expensive. But as our lease was coming to an end, and the pressure was
on to make a decision… I did what I normally do (which gives most people, especially Jeramie, a heart attack.)

Hairstylist, Darling and Dapper, 757 hair. hampton roads hairstylistI closed my eyes, jumped off the proverbial cliff, and Mcguyver’d kick-ass wings

on the way down. Some call it crazy, some call it faith – I call it paramount. Without risk, there
are no rewards.
Admittedly, there were a few times I questioned my sanity. I even questioned my support
system’s sanity as they cheered me on. But that’s what you do when you love each other. At
the opening last Thursday, my friend asked “Weren’t you scared? All this space and all this  rent…”
Um, yeah. Hell yeah, actually. However, just like Kevin Costner did, I knew that if I built it, they
would come. While I’m still looking for another stylist or two, I have to say we are off to a damn
fine start.
Brooke: Milk and Honey Bride
Kelly: Acupuncture
Anita: Massage/Yoga/Reiki
Cheryl: Stylist
Amber: Stylist


A pretty fine start, indeed. For the first time, in a long time, I feel content. Thank you to all who
came out on Thursday, and super special thank you’s to:

Chanda Chann; Triumph realty – for bringing this gem to my attention
Jay Santiago; Floors and More – for making all of my construction dreams come to life
Sam Welty- for all of your incredible artistic abilities
Katherine Hallberg Design- a perfect flower cave, fit for unicorns
Sarah; Stumpy Thumb- succulents and flowers and plants, oh my
Mike Brite; Brite Minds Design- I love a good sticker, and cling, and 12-foot window covering
Sherwin Williams Hilltop- we’re all best friends now. Thank you for putting up with me and my

Amber and Anna – for keeping the business running, and making sure I had daily cookies
Lyric and River- for being excited for me, and not holding my absence against me
Brooke, Kelly, Anita – for taking the leap with me, and joining this crazy family
My Family- supporting my grandiose ideas, and listening to me bitch as I bring them to life
The Darling and Dapper Team- without you, I’d just be a stylist, kickin’ it by myself. YOU make
all this possible.

darling and dapper, 757, virginia beach hairstylist, acupuncture, massage
Chef by Design- all of the delicious snacks on Thursday
Express Valet- because of you, nobody had to park at Whole Foods. Thank you for that
DJ West- absolutely killed it. We must do more together soon
Misty- for helping me remember that I should probably have a photographer, and then knocking
it out of the park
Incredible Edibles- gelato perfection
Boardwalk Photobooth- not only being here Thursday BUT allowing Betty to have a home here
Stage Right Lighting- always creating the perfect mood (and making sure everyone in a 30-mile
radius knew where to find us)
Jeramie- I’m still waiting to wake up from this fantastic dream. You are everything. xo PS wear
suspenders more often. 😉

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                    I’m convinced there is not a soul alive who doesn’t love a good transformation, they bring inspiration, motivate us and  get our minds working whether we are the ones creating or simply taking awe in someone else’s journey. I say journey because the effort behind such profound change is something that never really ends, it begins with vision, planning, set backs, challenges and does not end with just a finished product, instead it keeps progressing and bettering us and helps us apply our lessons to become our truest selves. In a world full of Instagram, “ before and afters” where we see someones faded and grown out hair magically become more vibrant, brighter, or a completely different color and cut all together, I really see the value in honoring the work that went in between those two photos – and I don’t just mean by double tapping.


To say my life has been a whirlwind in this past month is an understatement, so I guess that’s why I have been pondering change so much and have actually been trying to embrace the beautiful side of it. That is not something I did so easily when I had my son, I was happy with the direction of my career and felt like I had really established my footing at work. I was proud of what I was doing everyday. When I stepped away and became a mom my world was ROCKED, so I shifted my focus to a new normal and to figuring out that tiny little boy. I have always kept my hands in hair and continued to work weddings but my days behind the chair were on time out. Fast forward to now and this amazing opportunity in the new home of Darling and Dapper and I am ready to transform into a new version of mother and stylist. I believe with everything I have that creating space in my life for both of those passions will make me a better person and feed the drive I have for this crazy, insane, wonderful, UNIQUE industry. So there it is, I am officially returning to my position behind the chair. I don’t have a word to describe the emotion but lets go with somewhere between elated and terrified. That should cover it.

Now back to those pictures we love to display of our hard work and beautiful outcomes ( which SHOULD be celebrated and SHOULD make us proud!!). This could apply to anything, fitness, interior design, home renovation, anything DIY, baking…anything. I know hair so I will stick to hair, what I appreciate is the person who tells the story of the multiple appointments that lasted 4 hours each, or longer to get a client to her goal. The underlying pigment that had to be battled, the treatments and dedication to the integrity of our clients hair, the nights awake that a stylist formulates in their head or the pep talks from co workers as you call in for back up because you need someone to bounce things off of. Becoming the stylist who shares these details, no matter the platform, shows dedication to growing and learning – it means that you are so determined to better yourself that it just becomes part of who you are and how you speak. My goal is to be more like that.


                I want to share some pictures of the progress going on during the build out of the salon because it is so damn exciting for one thing but also because a person’s heart and soul is going into this space and I would like to acknowledge the vision and intention behind the end result. This is going to be a collective space for multiple specialties and just the thought of that is giving me so much life right now. So it may not be pretty yet, but it is meaningful.


Come see the AFTER- October 3rd- at our Grand Opening!

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A Home for Collective Artistry



I’m so stoked to finally be able to share the news that we are packing our clippers and combs and headed for hilltop.

For our beautiful clients:

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of coming to one of our parties at The Attic at Watermans, then you know we know how to have a good time… so get ready for one amazing Grand Opening.Darling and Dapper, The attic at Watermans, Hair, make up, wedding, hampton roads, 757 hair, party, events, photography, briidal  A giant part of this new beginning is to provide the kind of environment you crave while getting to treat yo’ self.  Somewhere you can kick back and have a good time – an energetic vibe but also embracing the quintessential relaxation and healing. You will be able to pamper and rejuvenate with services like esthetics, acupuncture, massage and hot towel shaves.

For professionals:

Our space will feature so many treasures, we are sticking to our roots with all things bridal, and clinging to our home-like quirky atmosphere.  Our hair services will remain on point and faces will be flawless with our crowned jewel, Face Atelier foundation. Barbering services will be taken to the next level in an area entirely dedicated to fades and straight razor shaves. Hot shave, barber, pamper, lady barber, hampton roads, salon, beard, razor To all of our freelance and contractor friends – we’re offering “Darling Memberships” for hourly and monthly rental of our bridal space. A neutral, professional environment to use for your own clients.

I know, I know…right now your minds are exploding… but there is more.

        In addition to the talent we have to offer now, we have room for two more hair stylists. Your booth rent will include station, chair, shampoo bowls, utilities, washer/dryer, mixing area with shelving, retail shelf and reception area with waiting room and marketing.  We also have four private rooms, two upstairs measuring 18×11 and two down, measuring 10×13. Liz is interested in renting these rooms to anyone in the service industry, whether it be a wedding planner, social media extraordinaire, makeup artist, barber, tattoo artist (yes we are zoned for tattoos!!!), photographer, massage, energy healing, lash extensions… really ANY kind of craftsman who is interested in evolving their artistry and business, specifically by being surrounded by inspired, established and like-minded people.

If any of this strikes your fancy and you are looking to take part in this adventure at 1776 Laskin Rd. Suite 105, then reach out to Liz at

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Everybody who is anybody will be there.

The Summer Social


Who? You! Your friends and family, your bridal party…even your groom.  Anyone who you have a good time with should be there with you. This event is all about the experience.  You’ll get to meet some of the top vendors in coastal Virginia; not only will they show you their skill and devotion to your wedding day- but, they’re there to show you a good time. Planning your wedding should be as stress-free and FUN as possible.

Let these guys show you how it’s done:

Antonia Christianson events (ACE)

Waterford Events

The Women’s Club of Portsmouth

Darling and Dapper

Big Top Entertainment

Chef By Design

Stage Right Lighting

Dragon Studio

Paper Dolls Design

Studio I Do

Boardwalk Entertainment

What? Food, dancing, beauty bar, photo booths, libations, lawn gamesan all-out summertime bash.   

Where? Women’s Club of Portsmouth

               304 Sycamore Rd.

               Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

When?  July 12th, 2019

 Why?     Because you gotta…

Bridal, Coastal Virginia, Summer Social, Hampton Roads,Hair, Make up, Photography, wedding planner,photo booth, wedding, bride, groom

            In addition to all that goodness, our Darlings will be waiting to meet you at our beauty bar for impromptu hair trials, lashes (heart eyes), customizing lip color – because what better time to try something new, or you can always just stop by and get to know some of these incredibly talented and convivial ladies.

       All models will be styled by our fabulous team, including our freshly barbered fellas who will be made dapper by Ms. Darling. By the way, did you know that she is a legit barber who specializes in hot shaves? The epitome of pampering for a guy.

         We can’t wait to get fancy and live it up with all of you!  We will also be launching something brand new that we have to offer to our future brides because, who says pampering has to stop the minute you say I Do?

To purchase tickets please go to: and use discount code DARLINGTSS19.

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Girl…Don’t! – How to get the most out of your bridal trial.

Really and truly there are no rules when it comes to your bridal trial, but here are a few things that may make your life easier when choosing your stylist AND your look.

Darling and Dapper, hampton roads, bridal, bridal trial, trial, hair, make up, flawless.Virginia Beach, stylist

DON’T: Hold back when talking to your stylist about what has (and hasn’t) worked for you in the past. Insecurities, doubts, and that “take it or leave it” feeling are things we want to help you avoid. Maybe you have had an up style or face of makeup that you absolutely adored previously in a friend’s wedding, or perhaps you’ve been scarred by your 90’s prom hairstyle (complete with butterfly clips, of course)  — either way, tell us all the things! We should discuss things that don’t work for you and don’t enhance your natural beauty as much as they should, and it SHOULD. We are here to show off what your mama gave you, ladies. With all of that being said, be 100% honest about how you feel once we turn you around to face the mirror.  Though it may feel awkward, I promise we as stylists need to hear the cold hard truth. It usually just takes a tweak or two for it to click. Don’t forget, we are on a mission to be as in sync as possible, to help bring your vision to life… handcrafted confidence if you will.

DO: Bring pictures!  Pinterest it up — there does not need to be a theme, pin everything that strikes your fancy.  Combining different techniques can really create something unique to you.


DON’T: Be afraid to step out of the box and try something bold!  Whether you go au naturale most days, or rock a full face every time you leave the house…  try and think about taking it to the next level so that you really stand out in your photos.  The reason to amp up the drama for pictures is because professional photographers use a lot of different lighting for certain effects.  The product of a skilled photographer is UH-MAZING, but the types of flash can absolutely dull your makeup, which is why it is important to use professional brands that are made for this type of event.  Also, lashes are EVERYTHING. After smiling for hours on end, the muscles around your eyes will get fatigued — and the lashes (whether dramatic or natural) give the illusion of a more open eye, keeping you from looking bored or sleepy in those fantastic photos.

Darling and Dapper, Face Atelier, Flawless, Make up Artist. Make up, Virginia beach, Bridal, stunning

DO: Make sure your stylist is using outstanding products they believe in. Our Darling and Dapper artists use Face Atelier to make your complexion perfection.  We offer airbrush as well, but this liquid foundation takes coverage and longevity to the next level. If you are looking to add something new and different for your hair, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, extensions are where it’s at! This is all about you, your comfortably and enhancing your unique glam.

DON’T: Waste any extra money on a brand new skin routine.  Changing things up too much could cause an undesirable effect – from general intolerance to scary allergic reactions. Instead, really hone in on what has been working for you and stay with it. 

 DO: Understand that certain looks may require a few enhancements before coming to see us.  For example – if you love very textured looks and want to enhance those as much as possible, adding some high or lowlights for dimension is a great option. Conditioning and getting regular trims will help keep your hair healthy and shiny. Showing up to your trial with day old dirty hair that has NOT been flat ironed is most preferable. If you can’t help yourself and must wash every day then I recommend not using conditioner and opting for a leave in after your shower.  Also, your makeup artist needs the freshest canvas possible to work on, so this may be as simple as ALWAYS washing off your makeup in the evening, throwing on some moisturizer, and NEVER forgetting sunscreen during the day. 

DON’T: Forget to plan something for that day, whether it is dinner with friends or an engagement session with your photographer, flaunt that look and see how you feel wearing this hair and makeup. This will also help you get an idea on how it will last through your special day and how comfortable you are with everything. You should feel like the most confident version of yourself.

DO: Reach out to your stylist to let them know how your style lasted and if there are any changes you would like to make on the day of.

DON’T: Forget your veil or hair pieces, we want to visualize placement before we start and see the finished product at the end.

DO: Bring pictures of that fabulous dress you will be wearing.

DONT: Hesitate to call or email our beloved Bridal Coordinator Anna to get scheduled, we can’t wait to meet you!


LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO : Make sure that your stylist has the kind of energy you want to have around you on your wedding day. The person you choose to beautify you should listen to your wishes and concerns and be realistic in what they can deliver to you.  You should be at ease in their presence. You deserve to be pampered, feel like a queen and shine your absolute brightest.

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All of the butterflies

                                                                                                       Darling and Dapper, Stylist, hair, bridal, Virginia Beach, salon

To start things off properly, I would like to introduce myself as the new voice of all that is happening at Darling and Dapper. My name is Cheryl McGowan.

Darling and Dapper, having been recently reinvented, is a thriving and tight knit family that I have been a part of for the past six years. I must be honest in saying that this is a brand-new venture for me. I have literally jumped out of an airplane, given birth and do hair for beautiful women on the biggest day of their lives… BUT, as challenging as those things are – I will tell you that as I am writing this lil’ old blog, I am a mixture of emotion. THRILLED outweighs most of them, so here I am.

THE Miss Darling and I go way back, to a time where I was washing hair and sweeping floors. Life has changed quite a bit since then, I have a husband that I adore, two children who have my heart and tons of experience with HAIR (something I am so proud of). In preparation to put some of my thoughts on paper, I have been asking myself “what it is about doing event/bridal hair that I love so much?” I began to think back to the variety of people I met through my grueling apprenticeship, my terrifying years as a new stylist and my overall eleven years behind the chair. Every single time, it goes back to the connections I have made with people. I never would have gotten the chance to meet so many of them otherwise. Even if I had met them before they graced my chair – we all know it’s is an entirely different relationship between hairstylist and client. We get the dish, we know the ups and the downs of your lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I wouldn’t have it any other way because that is REAL.

It’s no wonder that being a part of a bride’s most anticipated and emotional days is so special to me. It is paramount to both the bride and myself that we are on the same page and share a similar vision for her look.  I get to see the creativity and planning all come together for that couple, and feel the love and adoration between friends and family. Not to mention handcraft a look that will be professionally photographed and remembered forever. No pressure, right?

I LOVE it. Bring on all of the beautiful.

Darling and Dapper, Beautiful, Wedding, Bridal, Updo, Travel, hair, make up, Hampton Roads, SalonDarling and Dapper, Wedding, Bridal, Vintage, updo, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Hair, Make Up

I was on a family vacation this past week, and my sister in law showed up with long thick extensions, down to the middle of her back (oh, you like my hair? Gee thanks. Just bought it). There was no way I was letting that hair go without at least getting one style done. Since long and textured looks are hard to accomplish without extensions- ( I highly recommend clip ins for very detailed and textured looks)- or someone who is naturally blessed with that kind of hair, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to execute this design:


Darling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, FancyDarling and Dapper, Bridal, Texture, Romantic, Extensions, Hampton Roads, Fancy

I used:
Kenra Dry Texture Spray
Big Sexy Powder Play
And Aquage Finishing Spray

The week we had at the beach was killer and gave me some time to think about what I truly want to accomplish with this platform. I hope that my passion for connecting with people gets to flourish. I’ll be sharing the work of the wonderful talented ladies I get to work with, products I can’t live without, tips, pretty things, events and all the happenings of Darling and Dapper… there is a TON in the works so please stay tuned.


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If you have followed us over the years, through all of our changes – the big ones and subtle ones – hopefully you have noticed that one thing has remained constant: our drive to build confidence in those we come in contact with.  Of course, we are in beauty industry – we sell hair and makeup and beauty…. But more than that, we do our best to build our clients up from the inside out. We have always believed that true beauty comes from within.  Empowering women to celebrate their beauty and let their confidence shine is what gives us life!  

Being in this industry we are SO fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded vendors.

 A service that has been growing in trend in recent years is boudoir photography (we’ve even seen a couple dude-oir photos shoots!) We want to scream from the rooftop that boudoir photography is for EVERY WOMAN. It can be intimidating…we all look at our bodies and see things that we want to change, things that we wouldn’t normally put in front of a camera. But boudoir isn’t just about taking sexy pictures for your man. It’s about learning to love who you are and finding the strength to say “I am beautiful and my body is amazing”. More and more women are gaining the confidence to get in front of the camera and bare their truth. Confidence is the sexiest characteristic one can hold and working with photographers like Tianna Yentzer of Yours Truly Portraiture make the process easy and so much fun!  When she approached us about working together on this project, we didn’t hesitate to say yes! 

We have worked with Tianna countless times over the passed few years, doing hair and makeup for her boudoir clients and we admire her very much. Her passion for empowering women and helping them break out of their shell to see their true beauty is inspiring! Our team had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with her in September and it was AMAZING. She is such a professional and has this calming, encouraging nature about her. She gave us full freedom with dressing how we wanted to be represented and she guided us through every snap of the lens – never once allowing us to feel uneasy. (a glass of champagne helped too )

 To celebrate everything it means to be a woman, we will be working with Tianna on a very special photography marathon on January 26, 2019!  We are so excited to be providing the hair and makeup for SHINE!


Beauty: Head-shot or beauty session. Cost $350. Includes professional hair and makeup, a 30-minute beauty session with Yours Truly Portraiture & seven digitals for download with the rights to print. Additional products & digitals are available for purchase at a 25% discount of our normal pricing.




Boudoir: Cost $475 + taxes. Includes professional hair and makeup, a 45 minute boudoir session with Yours Truly Portraiture, seven digitals for download with the rights to print, and one 8×10 luxe gift print. Additional products & digitals are available for purchase at a 25% discount of our normal pricing. 

 For full details, check out Tianna’s event website here:  The SHINE Event. Space for this intimate event is limited! Fill out the contact form on the Shine event page for any questions. Learn more about Tianna at Your Truly Portraiture


We can’t wait to see you shine!!


All photos by: Tianna Yenzter of Your Truly Portraiture

Visit Tianna’es website to learn more about SHINE here: SHINE

See more of her work on Instagram @yourstrulyportraiture


Darling and Dapper staff pictured: Liz Darling, Katlyn Sainz, Sol Whitlock, Amber Dillon, Yowanda Blowe, Sarah Cowell, Anna Koons

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Tessa + Doug | The Oyster Farm



Let me start by saying that Tessa was a dream… such a beautiful,down to earth woman. Everything with her felt so comfortable from the very beginning. I’m so glad she came to us to schedule a makeup trial – it was a perfect fit!

Her entire bridal party was a blast – so much laughter being shared. Some of that laughter needs to be credited to the fact that Tessa and Doug were using walkie talkies to talk to each other – that was a first for me!

In getting to know Tessa, I learned that she is a school teacher and her husband, Doug, is in the Coast Guard. They have been together for 15 years and, if they couldn’t be any more of a picturesque couple, he proposed two days after Christmas. They spent the holiday with family is Massachusetts and then flew to Florida, where Doug was stationed at the time. He had a Christmas tree set up for her with presents underneath, like Santa had come to visit while they were up North. One of the gifts was a set of Russian nesting dolls and with each doll she opened, there was another word…spelling out the question “Will You Marry Me?” Doug, that was brilliant and unique – the perfect end to the Christmas holiday and a beautiful start to a New Year.

Doug is now stationed on the Eastern Shore so, for the sake of simplicity, that’s where they wanted to have their wedding. They chose The Oyster Farm in Cape Charles, which is a beautiful venue/restaurant/bar located on the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay. Can you blame them? It is seriously the perfect backdrop for a wedding. We have had the privilege to get several brides ready at this venue and we are never disappointed with the accommodations or the scenery.

If we didn’t already think Doug was a cool dude, would you believe that he took care of a lotof the decorating for their wedding?! He built the beautiful wooden arbor for the ceremony, the wooden signs and the window pane seating chart!


Let us not get away from the lady of the hour…Tessa was stunning. A true vision. From the flower crown to her gorgeous gown, she was perfection.  Her day was captured by the talented Grant and Deb Photography. Below you will see few of our favorite pictures from the big day!


Tessa fell in love with this Allure wedding dress and purchased it from Carbonneau Bridal and Formal Wear in Worcester, MA


The beautiful floral arrangements and flower crowns were artfully created by Seagrass Floral Studio, located in Cape Charles. We loooove the colors she used!


Doug’s Mom and Aunt’s made and decorated her beautiful cake. The cupcakes were made by Twisted Sisters


The Oyster Farm, Cape Charles, handmade, love, darling and dapper studio, bridal makeup, twisted sisters, seaglass floral studio, Allure bridal, the hair days, victoria smith, kohl's, face atalier

This elegant braided style was created by Victoria Smith, who we have had the pleasure of working with before. Check her out here: The Hair Days


Cheers to a lifetime of love!



Makeup: Anna of Darling & Dapper Studio

Hair: Victoria Smith of The Hair Days

Venue: The Oyster Farm, Cape Charles

Dress: Carbonneau Bridal and Formal Wear, Allure

Flowers: Seagrass Floral Studio

Cake: Family of the Bride and Groom

Cupcakes: Twisted Sisters

Photographer: Grant and Deb Photographers




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Providence G Wedding Styled Shoot in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, here we come…

Last November we announced our plan to trek up the East Coast and introduce Darling & Dapper to Rhode Island and New England. Well, we have been making moves, meeting people and networking like crazy to make this little dream of ours come true! This past April we (Liz, Anna and Amber) hopped in the car and made the 10.5 hour drive up to Newport, RI. The plan: A styled wedding shoot on the Rooftop at Providence G with Blueflash photography!


Getting there

We were all set and ready to go by 5:30am. The car was packed from top to bottom with our luggage, hair and makeup necessities and everything we could possibly fit for the shoot. We could still kinda see out of the rear view mirror so, we were all good! The drive was long but, because we are easily entertained, it was nothing a little carpool karaoke couldn’t cure. We probably listened to and sang every song from 1950 – 2018. I am sorry to admit that none of us will be dropping a new single anytime soon. Once we hit New York the excitement started to build a bit as we knew we were in the home stretch and just a couple hours away. Also, we couldn’t wait to stretch our legs! We’re talking about flying for our next trip up.


We made it!

We were lucky enough to stay with a friend while we were in town (Thanks Kelly!) which made everything so comfortable and easy! Thankfully, the three of us had a couple of days to explore the Island before we had to put our work hats on. Rhode Island is such a beautiful state. Everything was picturesque from the rocky coasts and beaches, the astounding real estate and history and food to die for! Liz is from Newport so, she got to show us her old stomping grounds which was pretty cool. Ocean Drive and the Castle Hill Lighthouse were the most memorable.



It’s go time

The day of the photo shoot was full of excitement (and, perhaps, a little anxiety). For starters, the weather was NOT cooperating. It was a very grey, rainy and windy day. Did I mention we were shooting on a rooftop?!  But, the team of vendors we were collaborating with were pros! Everyone arrived and got right to work, setting the stage for our “bride and groom”.


The Mr. and Mrs

For the bride, we knew that we needed something original. We wanted a look that was edgy, rustic, eccentric, but still soft and romantic. We loved Every. Single. Detail. Everything from her intricate and crimped up do adorned with a beautiful head piece, the denim shirt tied at her waist, the softness of her lace skirt and the bad-ass boots underneath. She was our vision. For her makeup, we didn’t want to over do it. We played up her eyes and gave her big, fluffy lashes which was the perfect contrast to her soft face and lips.

The Groom didn’t quite need as much primping because he naturally has a serious and mysterious yet playful demeanor about him. A crisp white button down and blue dress slacks paired with a brown belt and shoes and a seriously sweet wooden watch were all he needed. We think the glasses really set the look off in our opinion.


The Dream Team

Everything about this shoot ended up being perfect…Blueflash was a dream to work with and they really made sure they captured our vision. The tables, place settings and decor from Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals  helped us get that edgy, retro quirkiness we were looking for. Bianca from Queen B’s Bakery custom made not one, but THREE amazing cakes! Michelle Jeanne Floral went above and beyond with her design for us – we couldn’t have dreamed up a prettier backdrop if we tried. The arch she created was the perfect match for the the the flower “lanterns” made by our friend Katherine Hallberg Design.  To match our edgy good girl/bad girl vibe, the invitations were a creative contrast of soft blush with bold lettering and unique textures – made special for us by Champagne and Ink!


That’s a wrap!

After hours of commitment and dedication from all involved, the shoot was wrapped. All of the vendors parted ways but we stuck around to enjoy a celebratory beverage or two. This was a really big hurdle for us to jump over but, we nailed it! Coordinating everything from Virginia Beach wasn’t the easiest but, our collective efforts made it happen and we are so thankful…we can’t wait to work with everyone again.

We knew that the photos were going to be amazing and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them so that we could submit everything for publication. It’s been a few months since the shoot but everyone’s hard work is paying off – our styled shoot was recently published on The Newport Bride! What an honor – check it out!

You can pay a visit to everyone involved in this shoot by clicking their names above or by scrolling to the bottom of this page 🙂

We have a few of our favorite photos below – we hope that you love them as much as we do! This is just the beginning of our adventure and we can’t wait to share more with you as we move forward. Cheers to chasing dreams!

queen b cakery, providence g wedding, darling & dapper


champagne and ink, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding, new england hair and makeup


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding, rhode island hair and makeup


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding, katherine hallberg design


milk & honey bride, darling & dapper, providence g wedding, katherine hallberg design, michelle jeanne floral design


uniquely chic vintage rentals, providence g wedding, darling & dapper


queen b cakery, darling & dapper, spark bridal outlet, providence g wedding




Beauty and Coordination: Darling & Dapper Studio

Photography: Blueflash Photography

Venue: Rooftop at Providence G

Stationary and Invitations:  Champagne and Ink

Flowers: Michelle Jeanne Floral Design

Bridal Gown and Accessories: Spark Bridal |  Milk and Honey Bride,

Wedding cakes: Queen B’s Bakery

Decor, furniture, place settings: Uniquely Chic Vintage

DIY | Handmade: Katherine Hallberg Design

Models: Amber Dillon | Nick Walker




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Introducing Darling Unveiled

Behind the Veil started with a passion for making women feel beautiful and confident. In 6 years, we have never steered away from that. Surely, we weren’t the first salon to yearn for women to feel beautiful. But we were the first of OUR kind in the area – a salon focused on brides with a driving desire to make their wedding day effortlessly beautiful. We love what we stand for and the group of likeminded women on our team help us stay true to our zealousness and beliefs always. It’s not always smooth sailing and we would be lying if we said anything to the contrary. In this industry, there is plenty of crazy to go around. Weddings can be full of stress so, if we can be the one constant smile for a bride, we’ve done our job.

The past two years have brought forth more change than any of us could have imagined. Changes ranging from the fixtures on the walls to the faces behind the chairs. Not to mention countless obstacles. Had we known that every change and every choice made would have led us to where we are now, we would have undoubtedly hurried the process along because we have found ourselves on the brink of something amazing. The future is full of the unknown but, it is confidently full of heart, passion, unparalleled talent and a leader who knows no limits. Behind the Veil, in name, might be leaving; however, its core beliefs, enthusiasm, amazing artists and never-ending thirst for success are drilled deep into our roots.

Ladies and gentlemen, Darling & Dapper is here. Are you ready?

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